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Posted by The Woodlands on August 15, 2022

Senior living has come a long way over the last few decades. However, the concept of what senior living communities are like has not grown at the same pace. Truth be told, there are many myths and misconceptions about these communities that deter people from embracing them.

These misconceptions have created a stigma around the world of senior housing, leading people to question, “what is it really like living in a retirement village?” 

As a brand-new senior living community in West Dundee, Illinois, The Woodlands at Canterfield will provide exceptional services, amenities and accommodations to enhance the lives of residents. We know the positive impact senior living communities can have on older adults and families, so we’re setting the record straight by sharing the truth behind the myths that hold people back.

Myth #1: All Senior Living Communities Are Nursing Homes

Looking back to the mid-1970s, nursing homes were basically the only option for older adults who needed additional support in their daily lives. Other than relying on family members and friends to provide care at home, there were no residential options for someone who needed additional support but did not require 24/7 care. 

Over time, the senior housing industry grew, and new lifestyle options were created to cater to the varying needs of adults. However, many still use the terms “senior living” and “nursing homes” interchangeably. 

While nursing homes, also known as skilled nursing facilities, do exist to cater to individuals who require 24/7 care and medical attention, senior living communities vary in their care and services.

For example, The Woodlands at Canterfield will offer assisted living and memory care. Our assisted living will provide community-style living with caring, daily assistance personalized to each resident’s needs, while our memory care will offer focused support for those living with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia.

Our senior living community will combine comfort, style and five-star service and amenities to help residents feel welcome and at home. Our living and community spaces will boast an elegant touch, featuring rich, warm design details that create an ambiance that is unmatched.

Myth #2: Senior Living Means Losing Independence

Many people do not realize that senior living services can enable individuals to maintain their independence. By providing support in the areas they need, individuals feel empowered, live safer lives and have more free time to pursue their interests and hobbies.

Instead of worrying about performing home maintenance tasks and personal activities that can take up time or create unnecessary stress, senior living residents are able to spend their days how they choose and no longer feel tied down by responsibilities and worries.

Furthermore, many communities offer additional amenities and features that add more convenience and fulfillment to the resident lifestyle. From dining services and wellness programs to events and activities, senior living residents have opportunities to explore, connect and grow. 

Myth #3: Senior Living Communities Lack Privacy

A common belief about senior living communities is that you are giving up your privacy. This can be attributed to the myth about losing independence (“Someone will be there 24/7”), but these communities offer the best of both worlds – privacy within a community setting. 

To answer the question, “what is it like living in a retirement village?” many of these communities can be compared to apartment-style living. Depending on the level of care, you have your own private living space with access to common areas and community amenities. 

At The Woodlands at Canterfield, we will offer multiple floor plan options for individuals to choose between, ensuring that residents find the right one for their lifestyle.

If you think you or someone you love could benefit from additional care and support, do not let the myths and misconceptions about senior living hold you back. Instead, do your research and make the decision for yourself. 
We invite you to visit our website or call us at 224-802-4388 to learn more about our brand-new assisted living and memory care community in West Dundee, Illinois.

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