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Posted by The Woodlands on July 15, 2023

Wellness is defined as “the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.” In other words, being in a state of wellness means striving to consistently practice healthy habits.

While exercise and diet contribute to good health, the full spectrum of wellness is a bit more complex. Each dimension of wellness contributes to quality of life, and relates to and impacts one another. 

Encompass at The Woodlands at Canterfield serves as the foundation of our senior living community in West Dundee, Illinois. Our integrated wellness program focuses on mind, body and spirit by keeping residents active, engaged and mentally stimulated while encouraging community and social camaraderie.

Here’s our guide to the dimensions of wellness to help you better understand each one and how they come together to create balance in your life.


Emotions are the tools we use to cope with difficult moments and express how we feel. When we manage our emotions constructively, it helps us view the world, the people we love and our surroundings in an engaging light. 


Physical wellness is essential to achieving an independent lifestyle and can go a long way in ensuring individuals can safely maintain their autonomy. 

Many habitual changes can be implemented to improve and maintain our physical health, including leading an active lifestyle. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, older adults should engage in at least 150 minutes of physical activity per week. 


After retirement, many individuals feel like they’ve lost the daily drive they once had. After spending decades focusing on a career, finding that same sense of motivation can be difficult. 

It’s essential to understand that occupational wellness doesn’t revolve around one’s career or job. In fact, individuals can contribute to their community, peers and their own wellbeing in many occupational ways. For example, volunteering, mentoring and participating in vocational hobbies make it easy to fulfill the occupational spaces in your life to improve wellness. 


Humans are social creatures by nature, but as people age, it can be challenging to get enough interaction for various reasons. For instance, many older adults are unable to stay social due to living alone or health conditions that impact their ability to actively visit friends and family.

Fortunately, senior living in West Dundee, Illinois, makes it easy and convenient for residents to reap the benefits of socialization by joining clubs, talking with neighbors at meals, visiting with friends and family and finding new opportunities to meet peers in your community. 


Spiritual wellness doesn’t necessarily have to do with faith but rather with finding purpose and motivation in one’s life. Guided by personal values, spirituality is what connects individuals to the world around them, as well as to a higher meaning in life. Through personal meditation, mindful exercise and time in nature, a person can be inspired to find the purpose that drives them. 

The Woodlands at Canterfield understands how essential finding fulfillment can be to enhance a person’s lifestyle. Our community focuses on providing the tools residents need to discover new opportunities for purposeful living. 


Creative pursuits, intellectually stimulating activities and learning new things can help promote cognitive wellness. Giving your brain a workout is essential for senior health, as it can help to stave off early signs of dementia and memory loss. For instance, journaling, painting, reading books, taking courses, and challenging yourself with puzzles and games are all ways to stimulate intellectual wellness. 


By understanding how your social and natural environments contribute to your overall wellness, you can become more aware of how your daily habits affect the physical environment. In addition, contributing to the wellbeing of the environment can help you feel more connected to the world around you and help you feel a sense of accomplishment and healing. 

At The Woodlands at Canterfield, our Encompass program helps residents get in touch with all areas and dimensions of wellness. When you choose senior living in West Dundee, you’re one step closer to embracing your healthiest lifestyle yet. 

Discover luxury senior living at The Woodlands at Canterfield by scheduling a tour of our community today!

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