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Posted by The Woodlands on May 15, 2022

We know many older adults want to stay in their homes as they age, but others desire to let go of the responsibilities associated with homeownership and move to a retirement community. While aging in place comes with its own benefits, so does moving to senior living. 

At The Woodlands at Canterfield, we are dedicated to helping older adults enjoy healthy lives full of joy, purpose and love. By empowering our residents through assisted living and memory care services, we give them the assistance they need to enjoy their retirement years and provide them with amenities, conveniences, and support they can’t get at home.

Below, we examine some of the key reasons senior living communities can offer a greater experience than living on your own.

More Freedom and Independence

Before moving into a senior living community, older adults worry it will inhibit their freedom and autonomy. However, the right community will increase your freedom by aiding with important tasks like:

  • Handling home maintenance
  • Cleaning your home
  • Preparing/cooking meals

For those who need more support with daily tasks, assisted living and memory care specialists are there to help meet their specific needs, such as:

  • Transportation and errands
  • Bathing and daily hygiene
  • Mobility assistance

Moving into a senior living community means you no longer have to worry about the chores and daily tasks that can take up much of your time and energy. Instead, with additional support, you have the freedom to pursue other activities, investing more of your energy into what matters most to you.

Exciting Events and Activities

For many living alone, accessing community events and enrichment programs can be a challenge. And if you are limited in mobility or transportation, this can prove to be an almost impossible task.

The Woodlands at Canterfield’s activities and events are designed specifically to meet the needs and interests of our residents. Instead of having to travel to another part of the city, residents can access these activities right outside their front door. Some of the highlights of senior living communities include:

  • Art courses
  • Life enrichment programs
  • Health and wellness classes
  • Fine dining

Senior living communities can also modify activities to meet the skill level and abilities of every resident participating, promoting safety and inclusion.

Professional Care When You Need It

At The Woodlands at Canterfield, we understand every person has a unique set of needs. That is why our team of dedicated assisted living and memory care specialists are trained in the latest techniques and methodologies to provide the right amount of care for each resident.

More than that, we believe in not just supporting older adults but giving them the help they need to truly thrive in our senior living community. Our community is designed to empower residents, providing them with the right level of support and emphasis on self-reliance, independence, and personal choice.

Welcoming Community

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that “social isolation and loneliness are important, yet neglected, social determinants of the health of older people.”

Living alone and without connection to friends, family or members of the community can lead to increased stress levels, increased risk of heart disease and a significantly reduced quality of life.

The challenges become more pronounced for people who need more assistance, such as those who would benefit from living in an assisted living community. Without the support that they need, they are at risk of being isolated in their home without the possibility of getting out to run errands, meet with friends, or attend their regular social events and gatherings.

And for older adults living with dementia and memory loss, it is essential they receive the help they need. By moving into a senior living community that specializes in memory care, they will experience kindness and compassionate care every day, vastly improving their quality of life.

The Woodlands at Canterfield offers an exceptional senior living community with assisted living and memory care options. We invite you to visit our website today to learn how senior living can best support you. 

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