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Posted by The Woodlands on October 15, 2023

Unfortunately, senior living communities are often misjudged based on common preconceived notions and misconceptions of the past. As a result, many older adults choose to age in place in a private residence rather than explore the benefits and opportunities of moving to a senior living community.

However, many of today’s assisted living communities have adopted an active living approach that promotes independence and fulfillment to help individuals lead healthy, safer lives. But this approach doesn’t stop people from comparing assisted living communities to nursing homes.

So when it comes to assisted living vs. nursing homes, what’s the difference, and how do these options compare to each other?

The Woodlands at Canterfield is proud to provide luxury assisted living services in West Dundee, IL. We have created a community that redefines all notions of senior living through our thoughtfully designed setting and best-in-class care services.

If you or someone you love is starting the search for an assisted living community, we’re sharing information to help you compare assisted living vs. nursing homes, so you can make the best decision for your family’s needs.


No two aging journeys are the same. While some older adults might be ready to move into an independent living community to enhance their active lifestyles, others might need a helping hand to do the same. Assisted living communities provide residents with the support and assistance they need to maintain their independence, establish a meaningful social life and stay mentally, physically and spiritually active.

Assisted living can be an ideal option for older adults who can no longer safely live alone or those who wish to live in a community where they can pursue new friendships and lifestyle opportunities that they wouldn’t have access to otherwise. The services provided at assisted living communities vary depending on the needs of each individual, but typically include help with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), such as bathing, grooming and/or medication management.


While assisted living communities provide support for older adults who may need help with mobility or dressing, nursing homes offer full-time monitored medical care and assistance. In general, nursing homes offer the highest level of care for older adults who require medical assistance but not necessarily hospitalization.

Unlike assisted living, skilled nursing care or nursing homes refer to care or treatment that can only be performed by licensed nurses. Those who need the long-term care of a nursing home usually have severe impairments, whether cognitive or physical conditions, that need to be monitored on a 24-hour hours, such as:

  • Chronic disease or disability
  • Lack of mobility or bedridden
  • Major health event(s), such as a stroke or severe fall


For older adults who wish to enhance their retirement years while receiving the helping hand they need, assisted living offers the amenities and care services that allow them to stay social, healthy and engaged in their community. Assisted living communities typically feature apartment-style accommodations where residents enjoy maintenance-free living and various on-site amenities that serve as tools for enhancing health and prioritizing social wellness.

The key difference that sets nursing homes apart from assisted living communities is the licensed medical care of nursing homes and the availability of immediate medical treatment. While assisted living communities may have licensed nurses on staff, they do not provide 24/7 monitoring and medical support.

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The Woodlands at Canterfield is a luxury assisted living community that rivals a high-end resort with plenty of elegant features to showcase our community’s modern beauty. We’ve reimagined the concept of assisted living so residents can live their days to the fullest in a uniquely beautiful setting while still receiving the help they deserve.

Our trained professionals utilize their expertise and respect to serve residents in a way that fosters independence and individuality. We invite you to discover luxury assisted living in West Dundee, IL, today Visit our website to contact our team and schedule your visit.

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